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Pearl White Candle Jar

Pearl White Candle Jar

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Natural Soy Creations’ Pearl White Candles in 320gm are a serene and elegant addition to any space. Here are some features that make them special:

- Made from 100% natural soy wax, a renewable and biodegradable resource
- Handcrafted with care to ensure a high-quality, consistent burn
- Pearl white color adds a touch of sophistication and calm to any room
- 320gm size provides a substantial and long-lasting burn time
- Perfect for meditation, relaxation, or simply creating a peaceful ambiance

Natural Soy Creations’ Pearl White Candles in 320gm are a beautiful way to bring serenity and warmth into your life. Enjoy the soft, gentle glow and the knowledge that you’re supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly craft.

Our beautiful Pearl White Candle jars come with a Silver Lid. burn time of approximately 60 hours. Available in the fragrance of your choice.