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Immunity Boost
Immunity Boost
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Immunity Boost

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Soothing and healing to help fight off those viruses and colds.

Immunity Boost Tea is a great immune system booster that can be used daily during the cold and flu season or if you are feeling a bit run-down.  Refreshing with spearmint and ginger and can be enjoyed every day.


Echinacea, Spearmint, Ginger, Lemon Grass and Siberian Ginseng.



Increases resistance to viral and bacterial infections and will shorten your healing time if you already have an infection, by stimulating your immune system.


Antiseptic; helps reduce inflammation and break up mucus.


Promotes digestion and also soothes digestive problems and nausea. It is strongly anti-inflammatory, improves circulation and adds balance to the Detox Tea formula.


Supports digestion, promotes lymph flow (very important in the removal of wastes and toxins) is anti-inflammatory, calming and supports tissue regeneration.


An adaptogen which means it helps increase resistance to physical, chemical and biological stressors. It improves resistance to infection. It is strengthening and a true tonic. Tonics and adaptogens always help you feel healthier and more energised and better able to cope with stress of any kind.